Earn money by reading and selling books
Play, complete quests and get rewards and rewards for participating.
Publish your book in our NFT publishing house
Create your own NFT book with endless customization, thanks to an innovative IT solution
Book publishing of the new generation WEB 3
Here writers and artists create unique literary worlds using blockchain, AI and GameFi technologies.
Thanks to an innovative IT solution, each book is released in NFT format with the possibility of endless customization of the purchased work.

This allows each copy of the manuscript to find its own unique history and image.
Gamification and quests
Gamification and quests, which are present in the books, make reading really exciting, and allow you to receive all kinds of rewards and incentives for participation.

This approach is adapted, first of all, to the thinking of modern users, although it does not exclude attention and interest from classical book lovers.
This is a project for established authors
and aspiring writers
The project is intended not only for established authors. Novice writers can also release an NFT book and get hundreds or thousands of customization options from readers.

For young authors, a kind of SBT accelerator is offered, which in a matter of days will allow you to find like-minded people, get recognition from them in the form of investment tokens and publish your manuscript in the NFT collection format.
World of Words.
A universe of possibilities
For book lovers, such a platform will become not just a new reading room or an online library.
Here the user will be able to create his own universe from author's descriptions and his own illustrations.
Travel through the worlds of the writer and complete quests in the metaverses.
Try a new reading format with gamification and rewards.
Be inspired and get a unique experience.
We are reviving book publishing
in a modern format
The project aims to revive the love and habit of collecting books that we lost during the birth of the digital age.

Now it will again be possible to collect your own libraries, be proud of your collections, share them with friends, leave notes directly in books, and all this in a modern format.
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