Create your own illustrations for the book.
Play, complete quests and get rewards and rewards for participating.
Earn money by reading and selling books.
Take reading and collecting books to a whole new level!

Our application allows readers to create and insert images directly on the pages of the book. Personalize your reading experience, as well as create your own book covers that reflect your unique taste.
Blockchain technologies
In other applications, the books do not belong to you, but to the company. In World of Words, the book you bought is YOURS.
Just like when buying a physical book - you can do whatever you want with it, you bought it, and it's yours.
Our platform presents NFT books that allow you to own, transfer and sell your Book after reading.
Blockchain technologies have opened up new opportunities for us. Unleash the full power of real property in the digital world!
World of Words.
A universe of possibilities
For book lovers, such a platform will become not just a new reading room or an online library.
Here the user will be able to create his own universe from author's descriptions and his own illustrations.
Earn income while reading or reselling books, renting books.
Try a new reading format with gamification and rewards.
Be inspired and get a unique experience.
We are reviving book publishing
in a modern format
The project aims to revive the love and habit of collecting books that we lost during the birth of the digital age.

Now it will again be possible to collect your own libraries, be proud of your collections, share them with friends, leave notes directly in books, and all this in a modern format.
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